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  • Scope of the Job:  The scope of this role is primarily to lead, grow, and develop the Kids Ministry at one of our Radiant locations. The Kids Director will lead coaches, team leads and dream team to implement the overall vision of Radiant Kids as well as engage families in meaningful discipleship and community opportunities. This role is also responsible for outreach and retention of families in order to pursue the vision of Radiant Church to reach Tampa Bay.
  • Purpose of the Job:
  • Recruit, onboard, train and retain a large volunteer ministry team in order to provide quality kids ministry on Sundays and Wednesdays.
  • To provide a high-quality Kids Ministry experience in coordination with the vision of the Campus Pastor and Central Kids Pastor.
    • Oversee the spiritual development and discipleship of children by equipping and empowering volunteers.
  • Advocate for kids and families at your Radiant location. 
  • Uphold safety standards and protocols across the location.
  • Actively pursue growth in attendance of the kids and dream team through measurable goals.
  • Develop goals and strategies for family outreach and opportunities for local community engagement opportunities.
  • Communicate, train and uphold centrally set standards for our Kids Ministry.
  • Experience and Knowledge Required:
    • Advanced recruiting skills
    • A love and calling toward ministry to children and families
    • Experience collaborating with teammates to accomplish a common goal
    • Supervise multiple projects effectively
    • Experience leading teams of volunteers
    • Ability to delegate effectively
    • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to proactively identify problems
    • Excellent verbal and interpersonal skills 
    • Ability to learn and use Planning Center software
    • Experience and proficiency in Google Suite
    • Ability to think and act with a high degree of professionalism, discretion and confidentiality
    • Strong time management skills and the ability to complete projects independently
    • Ability to stay calm, professional and positive in stressful situations
    • Experience navigating difficult situations with professionalism
  • Specific Expectations:  
      • Facilitate Child Dedications at the campus
      • Provide baptism interview/counseling for children and their parents prior to their baptism
      • Recruit, develop and train Dream Team for Radiant Kids teams ensuring that proper classroom ratios are maintained at all times
      • Process new Dream Team members for Radiant Kids teams through the onboarding workflow pipeline 
      • Monitor communication from Campus Pastor and Radiant Kids Team
      • Communicate direction from Campus Pastor and Kids Pastor to Dream Team and Coaches
      • Oversee set-up and tear-down of Radiant Kids equipment at the campus, ensuring the success of the Sunday and Wednesday experiences
      • Communicate goals and needs to Campus Pastor or Kids Pastor
      • Follow up with First Time Families utilizing the Planning Center workflow
      • Coordinate staffing of Radiant Nannies at the location as needed
      • Distribute curriculum to Radiant Kids coaches and dream team
      • Oversee scheduling of dream team for Sundays and Wednesdays
      • Request kids’ supplies and equipment for campus as needed from central team
      • Observe adult-to-child ratios to ensure child safety and monitor growth for additional room as needed 
  • Ensure that the kids’ areas are clean and set up in an excellent manner for all services
    • Develop specific goals to grow dream team and increase kids attendance
    • Communicate, contribute and collaborate during weekly Campus Directors meetings and Kids Ministry meetings
    • Plan and implement regular family engagement opportunities that are either outreach or community-focused
    • Monitor location metrics and develop goals accordingly
    • Lead monthly coach meetings for the purpose of planning, leadership development and overall ministry improvement.

IV. Church Values

  1. Jesus is our answer – At Radiant Church we “pray first” knowing that a relationship with Jesus is the answer to whatever we are going through.
  2. The Bible is our foundation – At Radiant Church, we build our lives on God’s word instead of the culture’s opinion. We do not bend the scriptures to match culture, we bend our lives to match the scriptures.
  3. Worship is our lifestyle – At Radiant Church, we get to glorify God through our giving, our singing, our serving, our spirit of excellence, and our life-giving attitudes. 4. Community is our commitment – At Radiant Church, we do not do life alone. True life change happens in the context of relationships with other believers.
  4. People are our pursuit– At Radiant Church, we will do anything short of sin to reach people who are far from God. People are not our problem; people are our pursuit.

V. Staff Values:

1. Leaders seek God

2. Leaders empower people

3. Leaders are teachable

4. Leaders take ownership

5. Leaders live a life worth following

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