Radiant Leadership Academy

Radiant Leadership Academy (RLA) exists to educate, equip, and empower the next generation of leaders through intentional leadership development.
This is done through three lanes: the Internship, the Evening Program, and the Degree Seeking Program.

Radiant College

Radiant College Degree Seeking Program will give you the opportunity to take your development to another level. With our partnership with Southeastern University, in Lakeland, Florida, students will have the chance to pursue a fully accredited undergraduate degree right here at Radiant College. 


Radiant College Evening Program is a weekly meeting to help develop you into a better leader. You will learn how to grow yourself and immediately put it into practice on Sunday’s leading Radiant Dream Team members.

2024 Summer INTERNSHIP

Radiant College is a full time internship that places you in the front lines of ministry on day one. This is not your typical internship of going to get coffee and managing to do lists. You will have the opportunity to serve with authority and ownership.