Director Onboarding SOP 


Step One: selection process

  • Directors present job need to ELT
    • This includes expectations of the role, salary, and start date 
  • Once job is approved, directors work with HR to receive a job description template for the role and make any adjustments necessary 
  • Directors communicate the desired start date to HR (refer to orientation schedule)
  • Directors work with Lexie to post job application on WeAreRadiant website if necessary

Step Two: Interview Process

  • Three interviews are conducted (enneagram and strengthsfinder tests are encouraged to be used during this process)
  • Interview one: potential hire meets with director to discuss job description, pay, expectations, and start date for proposed position
  • Interview two: potential hire meets with central director
  • Interview three: potential hire meets with an ELT member

Step Three: Applicant sent to HR for finalizing hiring process

  • New hire is selected and directors are responsible for filling out onboarding/offboarding form
  • Directors provide HR with the individuals contact information, resume, application, and job description template to be submitted
  • HR is responsible for sending out the job description, offer letter, and all other onboarding responsibilities 

Step Four: Orientation for new role

  • Following orientation, the primary and secondary (if applicable) directors are responsible for meeting with the new hire to go over any questions, expectations for the job, or important information that has not yet been shared
  • Use Small Improvements  template “Get To Know Each Other” during 1:1 to review:
  1. Review job description (roles, expectations, requirements)
  2. Department details
  3. Mandatory meeting times (department, one on one, etc)


Filling New Position:

  • Pastor presents the director need to ELT
  • Once the position is approved, Pastor’s work with HR and provide candidate contact information as well as job description 
  • Pastors wait on approval from HR for orientation date

Filling Old Position:

  • Pastor’s notify HR that there will be a new director replacing the old, and provide candidate contact information
  • Pastor’s are responsible for setting up a time for the old director to train the new director before the transition takes place
  • Follow above steps for implementation of new director

Director Off-boarding SOP 


  • Director fills out staff transition form (see below)
  • HR will contact the director for offboarding needs
  • If an employee falls under locations, the director is responsible for the termination conversation
  • Dependent on the position, HR or the director will schedule an exit interview

Staff Transition

  • Staff Transition Form

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY