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I. Purpose of the Job:

The primary purpose of this job is to oversee the maintenance of buildings and grounds. This role works with the Facilities Director to maintain landscaping, building repairs, construction, renovations, and ordering of supplies for organizations’ facilities. 

II. Skills: 

This role requires basic construction knowledge, how to properly use tools, how to paint, flooring and drywall installation, as well as, basic electrical knowledge. Must be self-driven and demonstrate a willingness to problem solve, as well as, provide basic solutions for Facilities related tasks. Must demonstrate a personal drive to accomplish tasks on your own.

Other Responsibilities:

  • General Building repair and maintenance 
  • Scheduling Vendors
  • Maintaining records of any work and inspections done on-premises
  • Performing inventory on repair supplies
  • Keeping repair tools and supplies clean and organized
  • Making and installing new furniture or equipment
  • Conducting routine maintenance on equipment and building systems
  • Completing safety checks on systems and equipment
  • Performing general maintenance tasks for the building or buildings, such as window washing, drywall repair, plastering, carpentry, flooring repair, painting and more
  • Detecting, identifying, and repairing building issues, like basic problems with the building’s electrical, and plumbing systems
  • Responding to and completing supervisor maintenance requests
  • Must pass a full background check
  • Have a clean driving record
  1. Weekly Meeting Schedule
    • Bi-Weekly Meeting with Director
    • Monthly Business Ops Department Meeting
    • Weekly All-Staff Tuesdays
    • Any other meetings as needed
  1. Church Values

1. Jesus is our answer – At Radiant Church we “pray first” knowing that a relationship with Jesus is the answer to whatever we are going through.

2. The Bible is our foundation – At Radiant Church, we build our lives on God’s word instead of the culture’s opinion. We do not bend the scriptures to match culture, we bend our lives to match the scriptures. 

3. Worship is our lifestyle – At Radiant Church, we get to glorify God through our giving, our singing, our serving, our spirit of excellence, and our life-giving attitudes.

4. Community is our commitment – At Radiant Church, we do not do life alone. True life change happens in the context of relationships with other believers. 

5. People are our pursuit– At Radiant Church, we will do anything short of sin to reach people who are far from God. People are not our problem; people are our pursuit.  

  1. Staff Values:
  1. Leaders seek God
  2. Leaders empower people 
  3. Leaders are teachable 
  4. Leaders take ownership
  5. Leaders live a life worth following
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