Central Facility Director

I. Purpose of the Job

To serve Radiant Church by playing an instrumental role alongside the Location Pastor in the administration and function of the facility overall maintenance of the location.  

The primary role of Facility Director is to oversee three departments and its coordinators: Maintenance/Repairs, Facility Logistics, and Construction. A Facility Director will also assist with maintenance of buildings and grounds when needed. A Facility Manager uses many soft skills and industry knowledge to maintain the properties of Radiant Church.

The Facility Director oversees various personnel, such as contractors, repairmen, maintenance workers, supply managers, and landscapers, among others. In addition, a Facility Director manages the budgets associated with facilities. 


II. Skills

A Facility Director should demonstrate strong oral and written communication, problem-solving, leadership, organizational and strong management skills. They should be driven to meet deadlines, capable of working with little or no supervision and have an eye for detail. The ability to set schedules, maintain budgets, and exercise time management is essential to the success of individuals working in this field. Advanced mechanical skills and knowledge of plumbing, HVAC and other building systems Strong interpersonal skills are also a must, as is the ability to work with diverse individuals, from maintenance technicians to top executives.

III. Manage Building Maintenance, Renovations, Repairs, and Logistics

Manage Facility Budgets  

A Facility Director manages the budgets for building maintenance and other related activities. They work with the Finance team to develop budgets for supplies, personnel, contractors, and other facility needs. They update this budget as needed, ensuring that all operating costs fall within this structured budget. These budgets are reviewed by Executive Pastor of Business Operations.  

Sunday Responsibilities  

The Facility Director is expected to serve on the dream team on Sundays (which is expected of all staff at Radiant Church).

IV. Other Responsibilities

  1. Arrange maintenance schedules and manage projects  
  2. Responsible for the day-to-day structural integrity of the facilities
  3. Administrative operations such as scheduling staff and ensuring compliance with appropriate laws and policies, which includes OSHA safety practices/procedures.
  4. Organize maintenance personnel and contractors to complete building repairs and renovations  
  5. Oversee the arrangement of office furniture and workstations  
  6. Maintain inventory of maintenance tools and supplies 
  7. Saftey operations such as ensuring compliance with appropriate laws and policies, which includes OSHA safety practices/procedures. 

    V. Requirements

    • High school diploma required.
    • Two to three years of prior experience in management; coaching, motivating, developing, and leading a team in multi-unit or locations is preferred.
    • Five years of construction experience.
    • Knowledge of the following:
      • Electrical, 
      • Plumbing
      • Painting
      • Building Maintenance 
      • General Contracting
    • Strong planning, organization skills, and attention to detail.
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Keen attention to detail and efficient problem-solving skills
    • Must be innovative and strive for continuous process improvement.
    • MS Office, Mac OS, Internet skills required

    Physical Demands:

    The physical demands are representative of requirements that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Ability to lift heavy equipment and comfortable standing or walking for long periods of time. Ability to lift fifty (50) pounds or less.


    Church Values:

    1. Jesus is our answer At Radiant Church we “pray first” knowing that a relationship with Jesus is the answer to whatever we are going through.
    2. The Bible is our foundation At Radiant Church, we build our lives on God’s word instead of the culture’s opinion. We do not bend the scriptures to match culture, we bend our lives to match the scriptures.
    3. Worship is our lifestyle At Radiant Church, we get to glorify God through our giving, our singing, our serving, our spirit of excellence, and our life-giving attitudes.
    4. Community is our commitment At Radiant Church, we do not do life alone. True life change happens in the context of relationships with other believers.
    5. People are our pursuit  At Radiant Church, we will do anything short of sin to reach