Broadcast Worship Director

I. Purpose of the Job

The primary purpose of this job is to oversee the development and management of the Broadcast Location worship team. This position is responsible for leading the weekly worship experience, as well as the recruitment, training and maintaining of the location’s worship team. The Broadcast Worship Director is also responsible for assisting the Central Experience Director in resourcing, developing and maintaining the Radiant Worship standard and worship directors across all Radiant Church locations.


II. Skills

This role requires a minimum of 3 years of worship leading in a local church. This role requires the ability to handle multiple projects effectively, as well as the ability to learn and use Planning Center Online software. Excellent verbal and interpersonal skills, as well as an excellent proficiency. in voice and piano or guitar is required. 

Other Responsibilities

  • Leads worship for all services, events and conferences needed by Radiant
    Church as scheduled by Experience Director and Location PastorGeneral Building repair and maintenance
  • Conducts and facilitates consistent coaching through rehearsals and
    workshops for broadcast location
  • Consistently meets with Location and Central Worship staff on both
    department and personal development
  • Responsible for making sure their team is prepared for the upcoming
    week’s set (songs, scheduling, parts, etc.)
  • Responsible for the care and improvement of their location’s instruments
    and equipment
  • Assists in the resourcing of all Radiant Church Worship Directors on a
    weekly basis with setlists, chord charts, vocal and band arrangements
  • Facilitates coaching and development of Radiant Worship Directors and
    maintaining Radiant Worship standards across all Radiant Church
  • Assists in the planning and implementation of Radiant Church weekend
  • Assists in the recruiting, training and assignment of Radiant Worship
    dream team
  • Oversees the writing process of Radiant Worship
  • Participates and helps accomplish Experience Department projects, training and goals


  • Seek God
  • Empower people
  • Are teachable
  • Take ownership
  • Life a life worth following