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  1. Purpose of the Job:

The Assistant Finance Director (AFD) is responsible for supporting the Executive Pastor of Business Operations from a fiscal leadership perspective. The AFD has the opportunity to influence strategy. AFD will help with a range of administrative and financial tasks. These may involve assisting with billing invoices, preparing budgets, managing cash flow, and requesting information from colleagues regarding purchase orders.

Reporting to the Executive Pastor of Business Operations (EPBO), the Assistant Finance Director will be responsible for all financial areas of the organization, including finance, accounting, budgeting, forecasting, analysis, reporting, financial services, contract negotiation, contract management, and compliance. The position is strongly oriented toward establishing and maintaining a consultative, strategic business partner role with EPBO.

The AFD will ensure good stewardship of Radiant Church’s resources, protect the financial integrity of Radiant Church, and assist in the preparation for the financial future of Radiant Church.  With a strong eye for details, the AFD must be a forward-thinking visionary.  A planner who anticipates barriers and forecasts future needs.

  1. Experience and Knowledge Required:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting/Finance (minimum)
  • Proven accounting experience and skills
  • Proven track record and experience in managing a complex, fast-moving, changing organization to carry out the mission and values of the ministry and managing cash flow.
  • Experience in a complex environment that utilizes self-directing teams for aggressive results.
  • Possess the ability to develop realistic pro forma financial projections, decision support tools, cost reporting metrics, and a working knowledge of productivity management systems.
  • Improve reporting systems and reports for the Lead Pastor, Executive Pastors, Trustees, Location Pastors, and Department Directors.
  • Be a leader in educating the department heads in using financial reports, statistical analyses, productivity benchmarking, and the budgeting process.
  • Work closely with outside auditors to ensure that all financial systems are working at a high level.
  • Affirm the mission, vision, values, and doctrines of Radiant Church.
  1. Essential Functions and Responsibilities:


  • Assist in managing the finance team
  • Lead the In-Person Giving weekly count team 
  • Bank deposits
  • Ensure Bills are paid
  • Running Reports (weekly and as requested)
  • Strategic, creative development 
  • Assist in the implementation of new systems 


  • Assisting to ensure that the financial budgets are in line with the vision (Trustees initiatives), values, and annual goals of Radiant Church
  • Assisting to ensure ministries have the financial resources they need to effectively run their ministry
  • Assist in developing and managing all church budgets

  Risk Management

  • Assist in design and implementation of internal controls for all financial matters

Strategic Planning

  • Assist with developing and communicating the financial strategy for obtaining goals
  • Reports as required by Executive Pastor of Business Operations (EPOB)

Weekly Responsibilities

  • Office hours from 9-5 Monday-Friday
  • Monthly Business Ops Department Meeting
  • Monthly One on One with EPBO
  • Weekly all staff development
  • Monthly Fiance Team meetings with EPBO
  • Monthly Staff Chapel
  • Bi-weekly One on One meetings with finance staff members

IV. Church Values

1. Jesus is our answer – At Radiant Church we “pray first” knowing that a relationship with Jesus is the answer to whatever we are going through.

2. The Bible is our foundation – At Radiant Church, we build our lives on God’s word instead of the culture’s opinion. We do not bend the scriptures to match culture, we bend our lives to match the scriptures. 

3. Worship is our lifestyle – At Radiant Church, we get to glorify God through our giving, our singing, our serving, our spirit of excellence, and our life-giving attitudes.

4. Community is our commitment – At Radiant Church, we do not do life alone. True life change happens in the context of relationships with other believers. 

5. People are our pursuit– At Radiant Church, we will do anything short of sin to reach people who are far from God. People are not our problem; people are our pursuit.  

V. Staff Values:

  1. Leaders seek God
  2. Leaders empower people 
  3. Leaders are teachable 
  4. Leaders take ownership
  5. Leaders live a life worth following
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