Curtis was an only child, so he was accustomed to getting pretty much anything he wanted. As a kid, he held an interest in sports and cars – and that interest gradually transformed into partying, drinking, and promiscuous encounters as he grew up. Curtis’s wild lifestyle was accompanied by severe anxiety and depression, and he started taking medicine to help with the symptoms. Before Curtis knew it, things had started spiraling out of control: he lost his job, his son was no longer living with him, and he even had to sleep on his grandparents’ porch. In that moment, he made a decision: something’s gotta change. He moved to St. Pete with his then-girlfriend, Katie, and during his job search met a man named Kevin. Their conversation quickly evolved from work to Christ, and Kevin invited Curtis to Radiant with the promise that it was unlike any church Curtis had ever seen. Curtis soon realized he was right. After listening to an inspiring sermon by Pastor Aaron on building a relationship with God, Curtis resolved to build his faith – and he never looked back. He joined Radiant’s Next Steps program, married Katie, and took his faith public by getting baptized. He now serves at the Downtown location and has started to lead his own small group this semester. Through his experience at Radiant, Curtis has seen how powerful God is. And to think: it all started with an invitation.

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